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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  October 16, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, breaking news. a fiery explosion on an oil rig in new orleans. this morning, at least one person is still missing. several others are hurt after the blast. we'll have the very latest from the investigation. horrible event but there's much good going on so it's live in all of it i guess. >> miracle in the making. a maryland woman shot in the head during the las vegas mass shooting takes her first steps less than two weeks later. now, she's back in her home state to continue her long road toward recovery. we'll have a life report. bridging the gap. president trump and senator mitch mcconnell set to meet today for lunch at the white house. it could be the first step toward repairing their relationship, and it will be necessary if they want republicans to accomplish anything in congress. and later, did
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collude to keep colin kaepernick out of the league? the former 49er quarterback says yes and now he's taking action. so are we. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> we'll try to make it the best day we can on this monday morning. thanks for joining us. it is monday, october 16th of halfway through the month already. >> do you believe it? >> okay. ahead this morning, on a give dc motion picture academy taking unprecedented skip calling harvey weinstein out of the organization. that's just the beginning. we'll have much more on the sexual harassment scandal from hollywood and the hash tag me too campaign is taking over social media as a result i'm sure some of you have seen it this morning. alyssa milano being the forefront of that. me too. we'll talk about that. >> this story keeps gaining steam. i thought it might start to die down. >> no. >> it's just blossoming larger and larger. >> part of larger
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there in hollywood. >> absolutely. >> it's sad when you think about how they operate out there. how some people operate out there. >> and beyond hollywood let's hope it translates into other industries this is not an isolated incident by think means. >> just an example what's going on. >> right. let's talk about first at 9:00, though, fall making a come back. temperatures taking a tumble over the weekend. they're set to fall even lower later for details mike thomas is in for tucker he's got a first check of the forecast. hey, mike. >> hey, holly. fall is coming back with vengeance here. feel you'll feel it tomorrow morning. you'll need the sweatshirt, heavy jacket off to work and school tomorrow. coming in the way of some showers this morning good news most of those are starting to push off to the east and mostly just turning cloudy here in washington. can't rule out a little patchy drizzle over the next hour or two before things dry out eventually start clearing things up waking up this morning in southern maryland saint mary's county and northern virginia dealing with steady rain at this hour. that will last much like here in d.c. another hour or two. temperatures right now 62 in
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58 in gaithersburg. 59 in dulles. 61 for frederick. west minster 57 but the winds of change are blowing blowing out of the north and west winds up to ten now here in washington. sustained at 15 in frederick. 16 in hagerstown. seeing gusts up to the north and west up and over 20 we'll do gusts up and over 30 here in d.c. later on today. cooler air works from the north and west. call it 66 degrees for daytime high today. we'll be right around there during the early part of the afternoon but then that cooler air is going to start to work its way down. showers now moving out again we'll leave them in the forecast for another hour or two. should start to see clearing and watch out for breezes later on today. i'll let you know how low temperatures will get tonight. talk about how much sunshine is coming our way the rest of the week. we've got a pretty nice week ahead, guys, coming up in a few more minutes. back in to you. >> 9:03. we have breaking news from overnight. an oil rig explosion near new orleans it happened in louisiana make lake pontchartrain the blas
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miles away. at least seven people were hurt and one person is still missing. the coast guard is searching the lake right now for that missing worker. meanwhile the injured crew members were taken to the hospital. all said to be in serious condition. the cause of the fire still under investigation and there's concern this morning about oil leak into the water. meanwhile in california, some good news in the fight against those deadly wildfires. the winds that were spreading them are finally dying down. but the threat is still far from over at this point. the death toll now stands at 40. hundreds are still missing. thousands of evacuees got the all clear to return home over the weekend. most of them arriving to find a pile of ashes. nearly 11,000 fire crews are still battling 15 fires across 100-mile stretch of that state. officials say power should be restored to nearly everyone by tonight. fire crews say two of the biggest fires are now 60% contained. >> new developments in the case of a woman from maryland severely injured in las vegas shootingings. >> tina frost is
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home state at least according to her family she's continuing to make progress. melanie as been following that progress and she joins us live with the latest. good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning gu guys. hard to believe together tina frost was barely alive. rush to the hospital in the back of a pickup truck, a bullet lodged in her right eye and part of her skull shattered. friday her family says she woke up from her coma and is making incredible progress and enough that she could make a medical flight transfer to johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. with loved ones by her side tina opened her left eye friday and started to look around she was able to breathe on her own for several hours and walked three steps to chair and back. so far she's been able to tap her feet to music and respond by squeezing hands or giving a thumbs up. her sister posted on facebook she was able to goof around and teddy bear getting her to hug and kiss it. her surgeon told las vegas newspaper 90% of people with her kind of injuries don't survive. tina will now be closer to strong support network back home. this wee
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together for another fundraiser. they are on team tina for as long as they're needed. >> so at first we didn't know how serious it was, so it was awful but we were all like, okay, she's going to be okay. this isn't that bad and then as more details came out it just got worse. it was a nightmare. obviously this is a horrible event, but there's this much good going on so it's the light in all of it i guess. >> $500,000 has been raised for her expenses. she work in san diego as an accountant for ernst & young. girlgirlings soccer teams from l over the country wearing wrist bands honoring tina and donating money to her fight to survive. tina did lose her right eye in the shooting and may have bullet fragments in her brain for the rest of her life. her family really has no idea what her long-term prognosis will be but they're grateful for any small sign of hope. they're another big fundraiser planned for next thursday before the ravens home
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they're calling it tailgate for tone in a. most important thing here, guys, that she's here back home and that support network is going to be critical to her recovery. >> good for her and for her family. >> um-hmm. >> thanks, mel. >> 9:07 right now. city of las vegas bracing for big changes now after that shooting. experts say the city's casino companies will see short-term dip in visitors in response to the shooting and expect new security measures going forward. meantime a lot of electronic billboards are now dedicated to honoring victims and first responders instead of promoting all the restaurants and, concerts entertainment option you always see in las vegas. infamous what happens in vegas stays in vegas slogan, it's put on hold for the time being. vegas well culled nearly 43 million visitors and hosted 22,000 conventions in 2016. ♪ 9:07. let's check the morning briefing, and first up an extra helping of awkward on the menu at the white house today. that's because president trump is set to sit down
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majority leader mitch mcconnell for lunch and while there's no love lost between the two party leaders, today's meet cog very well determine where the president's stalled congressional agenda heads next. maureen has more on the meeting and what comes next if we know. >> it's going to be tense filled for sure like you said we know these two haven't always gotten along. president trump and senator mitch mcconnell need one another right now if anything is going to happen for republicans in congress. >> shaking hands before and sat at the same table before but they haven't always been on the same page. president trump who ran as the ultimate washington outsider and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell a d.c. insider if ever there was one, today having lunch together. >> the fact that they're in communication is probably a good thing for the republican agenda, but the issue so watch is still taxes. if mcconnell can get that tax bill through, that will do lot to remedy this relationship. >> reporter: but getting the president's tax bill through congress will be a slog. the white house wants to
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taxes and simplify the system. but even getting republicans united in that effort is a big undertaking. which in part explains the president's golf partner yesterday kentucky senator rand paul who often a thorn in the side of republican leaders. and they did talk taxes. >> really need to do it and i think he wants to be --,. >> at the same time the president's push for health care reform and immigration especially funding for a border wall all of which could be recipe for government shut down and the blame game that always goes along with that. >> why are you if youing that on us? they have the majority in the house and the senate and the president's signature. they have the power to keep government open. >> president trump needs mick manage connell to move that a jenn through congress. mcconnell needs help as well there's a ground swell calling for new republican leadership. we'll watch that lunch today. of course tell you what happens as it develops. back to yo g
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speaking of new leadership virginia just weeks away from electing their next governor. today is the last day that you can register to vote before heading to the polls. meanwhile both candidates democrat ralph north am and republican ed gillespie spent the weekend romping with big time politician. gillespie was with vice-president. joe biden was with north am. >> 9:10. prince george's county schools just gottens of millions of dollars from the federal government. where will that money go and? who overseeing that spending? bob bar marred joining us livede >> also, man close call for the skins. no doubt about it as they take on former coach. got off to a great start and what happened? they did win but doesn't really feel like it. it's ten past the hour. ♪ ♪♪
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or classic country style. and since it's packed with satisfying protein, you'll want to try all of hood's amazing flavors. don't miss out on delicious. new to your local dairy aisle! back at 9:13. lawmakers and local school officials are in prince george's county this morning for a really big annou
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the county public school system got a $24 million federal grant. prince george's county public school system is one of the largest in the country and that money is very needed. for more resources our bob barnard life from green belt this morning with the details. good morning, bob. >> reporter: hey, maureen, good morning we're at green belt middle school maryland u.s. senators ben cardin and chris van hollen announced $25 million grand. million more than they they anticipated to the prince george's county school system to recruit, retain and train teachers and principals that are new to the school system to basically help them want to stay to improve the education for the children in the classroom but also once they get a hold of these new teachers they say they hire roughly a thousand new teachers a year here in prince george's for the public school system. that they don't want to have to keep doing that hiring thousand new diethers a year they want to retain the breast and brightest so they say that
9:15 am
go forward that. $25 million spread over three years. of course, some people are wondering, hey, in the past didn't the prince george's county school system lose federal money. well that was for the head start program, six and a half million dollars because of allegations of misconduct and abuse in the head start program. i had a chance to speak with dro of prince george's county public schools just a short time ago here, and asked him, what's the difference here? will this money be wisely and spent the way it's designed to be spent? >> this grant is working with adults, not working with kids so there's a pretty significant difference there but the fact we have co investigators and pretty significant milestones we have to meet doug anthony very talented leader in our district and so is herman james in charge of hr and they're the ones that are going to be primarily response al for the direction and supervision and monitoring of the grant. >> reporter: so you see there they have people designated to make
9:16 am
they're intended again, guys, to help retain some of the best students, best teachers to make education here better than it has again. $25 million over the next four years to help recruit, retain and further educate educators here in prince county. >> all right. much needed good news for that school system. bob barnard roaring this morning. thank you. >> 9:16 is the time. coming up one of the first big flam festivals since the hollywood sex scandal broke is taking here right in the d.c. region. we're sitting down with the middleburg founder and executive director to talk about the fallout and what's in store for the big event. >> allison, what are you working on this morning? >> well, steve, good morning to you. harvey weinstein out at the picture academy but the scandal far from over. police need your help finding an 11-year-old girl missing in the district and later, how safe is your luggage when you check bag on your next flight? the news not looking that good. we'll have details when we check what else is making headlines next. ♪ ♪
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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♪ >> 19 past the hour on this monday morning. let's head down to the newsroom. allison is back with the other top stories. it looks like you got the newsroom to yourself. >> it's very quite but the news always going. first up this morning the latest on that massive terror tack in so mole ya. a two-part truck bombing in the capital city on
9:20 am
left more than 300 people dead and that number is only expected to grow. another 300 people are reported hurt. no one has claimed responsibility but somal mole ya government is claiming the he will shabob terror group for this. developing this morning, the fb. i and d.c. police are asking for your help finding this 11-year-old girl in the dis district. she was was last seen on saturday she is from palmer roy road in southeast d.c. she was last known to be wearing a purple shirt, black pants and black shoes call police if you have seen her. three more women are now accusing harvey weinstein of rape. one of the women is british actress lissette anthony. anthony says weinstein assaulted and raped her in her own home. she told the sunday times in the uk that the hollywood mogul visited her at her house and when she answered the door in her dressing gown anthony says weinstein aimed raped her in the hallway and these new allegations are in addition to at least
9:21 am
employees, act, models who accused weinstein of rape, groping and unwanted sexual advances. on saturday, the board of governors voted to expel weinstein from the academy. caught red handed. an airport worker caught on camera opening passenger's bags and stealing the contents inside on a jet star flight in thailand. jet star is investigating and working to secure the safety of customers belongings. the worker was employed by a company called bags which the airline jet star uses for baggage services. and finally, this halloween season it is fitting that horror flick is topping the box office. happy death day is number one right now. the groundhog day like film, you know, every year on birthday she gets killed over and over again beat expectations bringing in $26.5 million over the weekend. it costs just $5 million to m make. blade runner 2049 fell 54% in its second weekend in theaters taking in just
9:22 am
jackie chan the foreigner debuted in third place with almost 13 million. folks like the horror unless it's still hanging on in the top five, good and good this time every eighty two of year. >> i didn't know happy birthday was out there. >> sheathed those commercials. you got to watch a lot of tv like i do in my house. >> maybe that's it. >> okay. >> thanks al. >> thank you al. >> 9:22. did nfl owners collude to keep colin kaepernick off the field? the former 49ers quarterback says yes. now, he's taking action. we'll have the details coming up. >> first though temperatures in the 30s? on the way? >> mike thomas has a check of some big changes on the seven day next. >> wis? >> all right. fresh at 10a, hitting the road with a former seinfeld star jason alexander will join us live with new look at his new sitcom that debuts tomorrow night plus the when hulk faces off with thor kevin sits down with marvel star mark ruffalo for a look at the latest avengers reunion. pumpkin spice and skin care. falls most p
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be a party -- a part of your beauty routine and dr. arlene lamba will join us live in the loft to show how it's done. baltimore's newest charm erin is in the kitchen with the team from the new rye street tavern. right now 9:23. back in a moment. ck in a moment. alex: when i was 11 years old, a man broke into the house and he sexually assaulted me. thankfully, in my case, the police caught him, but there are so many survivors that live knowing that their attacker is still out there. ♪♪ thank you mark herring, for taking this seriously,
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♪ 9:26 right now. halloween will be here before you know it. and we're spending more than ever to celebrate. analysts say americans will actually spend a record $9.1 billion as they prepare for the holiday. that's eight-point 3% increase from just last year. 2016. americans spending just $8.4 billion last year. this includes costumes, decorations and of course candy. the national retail federation says halloween is the eighth most expensive holiday just ahead of saint patrick's day. the number one spot, of course, still belongs to christmas. consumers spent more than $650 billion to get holly jolly last year. >> i feel like when you get into the eighth most expense expensive holiday we don't have to worry about that too much. it's kind of like you're down in the tech tier now as far as spending but it's still a lot of moneyeo
9:27 am
i think with halloween you tend to notice people either do the minimum -- >> or do the month evident. >> go all out. >> do the most. there's like middle of the road. i feel like there's and more and more pressures to decorate your house for halloween. >> totally. we went overboard because i got a lot of stuff last year. >> over your. >> last year it was all on sale. i bought a bunch of stuff mime daughter was insistent we put it up. we just bought candy yesterday. >> i haven't bought my candy yet. >> okay. >> no? >> you guys -- >> i'm on the other end of the spectrum. >> you're to the doing darn thing. >> zero. >> you haven't been out mounting i was the ghosts. >> they'll be no ghosts or mounting at the martin house. >> anti halloween. >> wisdom is anti halloween. >> that's the one moment he celebrates in the loft. [ laughter ] >> otherwise, uh-uh. >> not happening. i don't understand the whole costumes walking around for candy. >> listen
9:28 am
>> definitely competitions in the neighborhood. >> oh, yeah. >> i don't want to be the one house that doesn't. then you're like no fun. >> they turn off the lights. don't even step on my porch. >> don't hate old people who turn off lights. i'm just saying. [ laughter ] >> nothing wrong with that. >> different strokes for different folks. i have to do this. i want to shut out national curves day on the 14th. i was so honored at this event this is at october 14th i got the curvy bombshell award and this is like the most incredible thing here. national curves day to celebrate curvy women to celebrate the lines that are now out. they have had fashion week it had plus size models all sorts of things i want to say shout out to zac dunbar and aubrey who are the national curves day founders monica and also deja perez they were the hosts for the evening. i want to shout out the deeper maestro and mr. whites wings the maestro is the guy in the -
9:29 am
you should be walking around mting your curves. >> i was blown away when i got the invitation, we have a, i get there it's a community of -- i mean i have never seen women this beautiful. i'm talking about all different shapes and sizes. strutting their stuff included men for the first time. >> that's awesome. i was blown away. so can you do dose for them for doing this and instilling pride in anyone no matter their size. no matter your size, no matter your ethnicity or gender, they're celebrating you and so zac and aubrey kudos to you for doing a wonderful job and i take this curvy bombshell award with plum. thank you. >> all right bombshell. i'm glad you're finally being recognized for it. >> right, oh. that's it. that's it for me. >> awesome. mike thomas back with us now on 9:30. how we looking outside. >> everything moved off to the east. >> just about. getting there. congratulations, mo. >> thank you. >> all right. tracking rain showers this morning. good news, finally moving on out of here. we're going to start to slowly but steadily clear thing out as we head into the afternoon
9:30 am
excuse me hours here. little bit of light rain still on the eastern shore southern maryland saint mary county is it shed dee rain. give another hour or so we'll start to things out. here's the water vapor emma agree. moisture streaming in a head of a cold front. cold front is this line you can see the red and orange that's the actual cold front itself. >> steve mentions it looks halloween like there. getting close. couple more weeks here. that's bringing cooler air/drier air. little bit of wind as well. take act look at future cast here at this hour or at 1:00 o'clock, whoo, excuse me. showing some clearing coming through. we'll be moving from west to east later on this afternoon. we'll break out into a good amount of sunshine second half of the day get back to sunny conditions have beautiful kind of evening here and temperatures really dropping. we head into the overnight hours by 4:00 o'clock tomorrow morning not a cloud in site but the lack of cloud cover really going to bring in cooler temperatures. here we go. 50 degrees in pittsburgh.
9:31 am
richmond at 58 degrees this hour. you can kind of see the separation that between the cold and the warm air and, yes, that cool air is on the way. it's coming with some winds as well gusting to 21 this hour in frederick. winchester gusting to 20. culpeper 18. cumberland 20 miles an hour gusts reported last hour. those could get worse. we head into the afternoon hours here. today's high 66 here in washington. manassas 63. quantico 64. rather pleasant afternoon. these are going to peak early in the afternoon. second half of the day things will start to drop especially into the evening hours. headed out tonight you'll need the jacket and tomorrow morning off to work and school this is what you'll wake up to 46 degrees in washington a chilly start. manassas 38. culpeper 37. winchester martinsburg 35. hagerstown flirting with the freezing mark 33 degrees. we have freeze watches and warnings for our friends way out to the west. freeze watch in the blue and frost advisory in the purple. frost advisory one thing later on tonight that could be expanded closer to d.c. they
9:32 am
maybe some of our extreme western suburbs could be getting into the frost advisories. keep it safe. if you want to bring the plants on not a bad night to do it for those out to the west. 66 degrees your daytime high today. 65 tomorrow. you want your 70's back you got it 71 on wednesday, thursday, friday we getting back into the 70s by the time we get to next sunday temperatures approaching 80-degree mark again notice on the seven day forecast not lot of rain. today is kind of it we dry it out after that. all right. guys latest check on the weather forecast. zen it back to you on the couch. >> thank you, mike. let's check on our good day sports right now. lots been happening. let's head over to steve for all the dietz. hey, steve. >> we'll start off with the nfl. certainly an exciting gape. a little more exciting than people hoped it would be with a win over the 49ers. not really what it has people talking about. fuller's teammates followed him and started what appeared to be a choreography graphed celebration made him put his hands up
9:33 am
dj put his hands behind his back and arrested him. now, the nfl fined o'dell beckham for unsportsmanlike conduct when he imitated a dog peeing in the end zone not word if the league will put down any punish many for the skins. meanwhile on the side lines it was sweet moment right before the game caught on camera there's kirk cousins and little cooper cousins. that's kirk's new little baby boy. cooper on the field only a couple weeks ago. little baby. born september29th. well, apparently that was good luck because kirk had pretty good game. went on to throw two touchdowns ran for another 26-24 victory over the 49ers. and baby cooper got to take home the game ball which is bigger than him. cousins posted this picture on instagram last night. there you see how the two matchup size for size right next to each other congrats cooper on your first game ball. >> look at him. >> next up former quarterback colin kaepernick in the headlines. he wants to play he's mott getting the chance he's taking legal action against the
9:34 am
claims the league is keeping him off the field and unemployed on purpose. kaepernick filed a grievance unthe nfl collective bargaining agreement accusing all 32nfl team owners of colluding to keep him out of the league in retaliation for activism and outspokenness on civil matters. still a free agent. still unsign after igniting a fire storm of controversy regarding players protesting during the national anthem. league officials with meet with kaepernick and his advisers early this week. nbc sports announcer al michaels apologize after comparing the new york giants to harvey weinstein. take a listen to what he had to say let's face it the giants are coming off a worse week than harvey weinstein. and they're up by 14 points. >> only my la guy comes up with that one. >> well, you know. >> there you go. >> read the papers. any paper. >> michaels made the comment during the third quarter of the game between the giants and the broncos. and that prompted widespread
9:35 am
michaels apologized for the remark and said look, that joke was not meant in that manner so my apologies. what he was referring to with the giants was that the giants lost five players this week four of them for injuries, a tim for suspension, but of course you can't take the loss of players on team and put that anywhere in relation to what's happening with the, you know, harvey weinstein. >> it's too soon for harvey weinstein jokes. >> steer clear of that. >> exactly. >> several people -- >> even the pros. >> several people that have kind of made some comments, james corden got in troubles were he'll. >> leave it alone. >> leave it a lone. >> that giants team that such a horrick week they pulled the upset. winless no more. >> universe is going crazy. >> so they're one and five? >> not even a football fan and i know that. right? [ laughter ] wisdom. 9:35. little piece of hollywood comes to loudoun county this week when the middleburg film festival kicks off its fifth year and coming up next we're sitting down with the founder and executive director. we got a sneak peek coming up
9:36 am
♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ stepping into the unknown, it can be difficult to find the way. but with the compassion and strength of a name, and the security of the cross and shield, obstacles... become openings. as we have for more than 75 years, we'll continue to light the way. using our knowledge to create new healthcare solutions giving you the power to shine forward... to whatever awaits tomorrow. carefirst blue cross blue shield.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: ed gillespie wants to end a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
9:38 am
♪ all right. welcome back. 9:38. documentaries academy award contenders celebrities, you know, a lot more. there's some ws, as and wine and everything. a lot going on. all right. there are all the things that are featured at the film annual middleburg film festival which kick
9:39 am
it's four days of fantastic films and spectacular intimate country side setting their minutes away but before they pop the cork on the wine and roll the movie credits getting first hand preview of this year's lineup. joins us festival founder sheila johnson and executive director sue sap coke. good morning to you both. [ laughter ] >> thank you very much for coming in. >> good morning. >> and talking with us about this. before we get into the film festival you're in the film industry. i'm sure eyre aware everything that's happening in hollywood with sexual harass many harvey weinstein all the drama going on there. quickly give me your take on everything that's happening and the culture that apparently existed for long time. >> well, first of all, i know the culture has been around for a long time. being in the media business, i have heard rumors. i have seen it first hand. i think it's about time that the lid has come off this darkest place in women's history. it's not just in the
9:40 am
business. i think it's through every type kind of business going on that women have had to put up with way too much sexual harassment. um, my feeling of it? it's about time. >> right. >> how do you change the cul cul culture. one thing i'm really thrilled about is that we have four of the leading women directors in this country coming to middleburg and i think that's one way. you know you start changing the numbers you start having the dialogues and, um, when you see that women are in power and they're in charge, i think you'll start seeing some changes as well. so we're very excited about that. i think there's going to be lot of talk about, um, the year of the women director. >> gotcha. so you talk about this. the fifth year for this particular event in middleburg. we're celebrating women and diversity. talk a little bit about why it's been so successful for the last five years. well, i think first of all, we have been very careful and films that we curate for the festival is something there for everybody. we have
9:41 am
we have documentaries. and we have some of the best films in the world, you know, last year we had 44 -- >> oscar nominations. >> oscar nominations. >> 25 films. >> we're very careful. hussan and i go to the film festivals around went make sure we watch as much as we possibly can. >> um-hmm. >> with the help of connie white also who works with us. we really pull together some of the greatest films and we have a great hollywood film festival board that's really help our hands and make sure we get the best of the best. >> you're talk there's vote of films here. you have some big time award winning films. >> we do. >> and world premieres and you have some international films you have a lot going on. >> yes, we do. >> a little bit of something for everybody. >> and diversity. we were showing mud bound. we got lee daniels coming in and dee reece. i think that's it. i think there's something for everybody. >> right. let's talk about the people who are coming in
9:42 am
get a chance to watch films but a get a chance they'll have some wine, may get a chance to talk some of the people involve in the process as well. >> that's the beauty bow middleburg. it's small. it's intimate. we want to keep it that way. you can walk to every film venue and, um -- >> we're not fussy or pretentious. no red carpet. >> we have a little orange carpet as you come in. >> great sponsors. and so we have a lot of parties. >> what, parties? we have lot of parties. >> all right, okay. >> it's fun. >> people can just walk up and start talking about films and everything. >> absolutely, yeah. >> okay. you really want to celebrate the best of the film and it's really way of bringing people together. >> right. >> people just have great conversations after they see a film. >> it's not just films. we have music. >> we have music. >> music as well. we have the shenandoah symphony. we bring them in every year. we celebrate the unsung hero. >> we're honoring -- >> the people behind the scenes. >>
9:43 am
>> and it is amazing. we have a huge screen behind the symphony, and, um -- >> this year we're honoring nicholas rue dell who did the score of the battle of thes, moonlight, the big short. it will be incredible. >> which one of the movies sticks out in your mind or can you say that right now? >> no, we can't. i'll tell you. there are two -- or three that i really love. >> okay. >> um, the darkest hour. >> okay. >> hostiles. >> um-hmm. >> and lady bird. >> those are my three and i also liked i saw battle of the sexes which we were going to show but it's out but we loved it. >> we have the directors. >> our composer did the score. >> gotcha. >> but, um, they're just incredible movies. i mean last year, you know, we had la la land and moonlight and how are we going to top this? >> right. >> these films have got such deep messages to them, espeal
9:44 am
>> um-hmm. >> that even know it's a western and it took place way back during the -- >> 1890s. >> 1890s it's really, you can relate to what's going on now. >> right. >> okay. >> with this movie. >> so people, hey, you got a lot to look forward to if you come down to middleburg. >> yes. >> films, fun,. >> and a give for you. >> a give for me that i can get right now. >> is this invitation to the parties. >> no. because -- we can tell what a spiffy dresser you are we brought a gift. >> thank you. sweet. >> they're film reels. >> gotcha. okay. >> cool. awesome. you know what, i have a tie that matches this. >> do you really? if yes, i do. and cuff links. >> we look forward to seeing it on the air. [ laughter ] >> thank you very much for the gift. >> you're so welcome. >> thank you all that you do with the films and celebrate diversity in women. the viewers appreciate it down when they come down. >> we have a mobile app. download it and get the latest news. i don't know if the camera can see this. >> hold
9:45 am
we'll see if mr. austin can get it that's a look at the app right there. we got it on screen. we got it all out there. no excuse at all. >> order your movies everything. >> there you go. good to go. >> thank you so much. >> ladies, thank you for coming in. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> seriously upped your sock game. >> i know. this is on another level. >> you have to wear that and just kind of casually show them to kevin. he'll be totally jealous. >> he might snatch them off your feet. >> mind blown. >> i have quick question. because you're fining movies to show to others out of all the movies out there, what is it you look for in a movie that makes you think this is something that would appeal to so many different people? >> we know our audience, and we have a lot of repeat customers. but i want to make shower that the films are film that is when they leave they're going to continue to talk about and talk with people about. i want the conversation. it's the art of the dialogue. it's the communication that i think is so lacking and we're losing that, and
9:46 am
storing telling is very very important especial physical it relates to history or to, um, things that are happening around us. i want to expand people's minds. >> that's something you can't could have up with cbgi. >> no. that story telling is what raw and what's real. >> no reboots allowed. >> exactly. >> the art of store telling. >> i tell you as journalists who got into this for story telling because we love telling stories and we want to be part of the process i welcome that. we need to be more thinking people in order to effect change in positive way. >> absolutely. >> thank you both. >> we got too many of the sound bites, you know, that go on. people are not really understanding the depth of what we're talking about and what's really going on. >> the magnitude of what you're doing sounds amazing. thank you. >> thank you. >> how lucky we are to have you in our area. >> we hope you all come out. >> we'd love to,. thank you. >> thanks, wis. >> 9:46 is the time. coming up, cleaning up the clutter in your purse. no matter how big or small
9:47 am
bag the team from clean out asap will show you the steps to take to help get a little more organized. that's coming up next. we'll be right back. you're watching the number one were day d.c. ♪ ♪♪
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9:49 am
9:50 am
>> all right. ladies, this next one is specifically for you. we've all been there trying to dig through your purse, you're looking for that one specific item. you know it's in there. but instead of easily finding it, you find yourself going on scavenger hunt through your keys, jewelry, wore opinions, your coupons my toys for my five-year-old and that's the minimum of what's in there of list september if that sounded like your next guest is here to save you time and more importantly perhaps stress. she's a professional organizer and co-founder of clean out asap. let's welcome sasha blanche. >> good to see you. >> thank you very much for having me this morning. >> this is me. >> no, it's in here i swear. hazy, hot and humid on. hayden, be patient. i'm going to find it in just a second much that's my little boy. >> this is the dem ma of almost every woman out there. we're hear to help. i'm here to help. the first step to just really kind
9:51 am
that you have to dig through organized is pouring ever out. i know it sounds chaotic and stressful this is thing. once you pour everything out of your bag, i have an example here what your purse should really look like. we have these amazing pouches, right. >> okay. >> pouches are the secrets to success. okay. every pouch actually has a specific item in it. so this right here, for example, is the makeup you put all your makeup act sewsness no here. >> makes sense. >> it helps so the makeup doesn't break or mess up the inside of your bag. this pouch basically be for like your nail accessories. band-aids, lotions, things that you real kind of, you know, need to get into. >> so compartmental lies is what you're saying. >> exactly what i'm saying. >> group a category and put it in a pouch. >> put it in a pouch. electronic, you know, the great thing about mixing and matching these pouches, it kind of goes with the theme of your purse. you can pick between your style
9:52 am
comfortable. now this is another one, big one. you know about this? >> no. receipt book. >> where do you put all those receipts you get from the stores. >> yes. i have -- papers floating all throughout mine. >> keeps you organize. you can put your receipts, you can put things that you need or want, you know torque reach out to and get really quick. those are easy accessible things. then unite lies the pouch on the inside to store like your phone, for instance. >> so this comes with picking the right purse, right? you need a purse that has some. within itself. >> inside and outside anything where you can throw your business card holders in, you know, just as long as it fits inonu your purse it's good to go. another thing to have is notebook. notebook and pen just to throw it in here. electronic. you have your eye glasses protected in eye glass case. that's really really important. so this is it. look you put everything back into your purse. so sizing really matters you have to get the appropriate pouch for the appropriate purse. >> they're really is nothing less into your purse. >> nothing is -- >>
9:53 am
>> everything has a place an home. >> that's mazing. that's what we absolutely love. i'm sure you were able to show my purse off. that was great. >> isn't it cute. >> it is. we have different styles. they say off smaller purse. how do you organize that? that's a gig question. this is how typically how a smaller would look. you got papers and cords everywhere much it's a mess. now when you use a different sized pouch we have a clear pouch so you can put your keys in here. >> you can see it. that's good idea. >> you can see it the things you want to hide you can use a little pouch and put your, trips, your lip glosses, your dieter rants everything has to be little bit more minimal when you're dealing with smaller purses. >> for sure. that makes sense. >> you also think it's important when you dump everything out and say it's not new purse it's an old purse changing purchases to make sure you clean out your purse first. >> cleaning out your purse is search. so you shall real dollar this kind of every night. so most women don't really wear the same purse all the time. when you know you'll switch purchases make sure that you find the right purse and you clean it out after you're done using
9:54 am
so that's just a cuter little shout purse. >> yeah. >> isn't it great? [ laughter ] >> smaller version to show the example. all right. so if people -- here the thing about being a professional organizer. >> right. >> it's not that you don't think people know how to organize. >> though sometimes tips are good. >> yeah. a lot of you don't have the time to organize. that's where you come in, right. >> exactly. that's where we come in. we help people maximize their time to do the things that they love to do. so ultimately we take the stress off of you having to worry about organizing you can do other stuff and typically you know you want to always do things that you're passionate doing. if you know that organization is just not your thing, hire a professional organizer like us. >> there you go. and oh, the last tip i forgot. when you do clean out your purse you need to put down something really wonderful like this to put all your stuff on. >> right? that's what i learned. neck time i clean out my purse i'm going to throw out -- >> throw out a little fur. >> those are great tips. >> thank you so much if really enjoyed it. >> my pleasure. >> back over to you guys. >> leave my purse alone.
9:55 am
thank you. thanks holly. 9:54. coming up in the 10:00 o'clock stay tune. whole bunch of good stuff. you know him as george costanza from seinfeld did you know he's also been in like 66 other tv shows. >> really. >> ? 66. >> he's got new one out now. we'll talk with jason alexander. he is in i would say musical comedy but it's a comedy about musicians. >> okay. >> so we'll leave it that way. >> i'm curious and we'll be talking with jason alexander next hour. >> okay. all right. okay, all right. talking to mark rav if a low from thor rag in a rock as welch this is pumpkin season, right you've done everything else you can do witness pumpkin from lattes to cookies on whatever. how about using it for skin care? intrigued dr. arlene is coming in so to show us exactly how. >> first you know it is coffee time on good day did d.c. if you've been eyeing our cool good day mugs listen up because we have a good day
9:56 am
donuts mug we give away perfect cup for the dunkin' donuts pumpkin spiced latte you might be having. head to fox5 d.c./contests to enter the mug contest. one lucky winner is selected by random drawing each day but you need to hurry was i was only have now from until 11am to enter. 9:56 is our time. good day at 10a rolling your way next. ♪ ♪♪
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packed with flavor, one hero was on a mission to save snack time. watch babybel in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. creamy, delicious, 100% real cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
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ple go inside. do you understand charlie? mom? yeah? can i have a peanut butter sandwich? yeah, you sure can. can charlie have one, too? charlie can have one too. ♪ ♪ ♪ and one for charlie. (gasp) look mom! charlie took a bite. (with full mouth) unbelievable. feed his imagination, with the fresh roasted peanut taste he loves. where there's jif, there's love. >> it's a must watch monday on good day at 10a. >> more allegations against harvey weinstein.
10:00 am
millions for dirt against our president. plus, could another royal wedding be in the near future. >> have you ever wondered whatever happened to george costanza live at 10a the man who create that i couldn't roll jason alexander joins us live to dish about his new month pro project. kevin sits with the hulk or the actor who plays him mark ruffalo who how does that green massive muscle come to life. >> the must must have ingredient of the fall, pumpkin spice is not just for your taste buds any more. how it could help you get flawless skin. let's do this in three, two, one, the 10a starts now. ♪ >> it may start off as manic monday, with rain or cold but when you got cake, when you got pork, you got fruit ungot a chef in the kitchen,. >> and bloody maries. >> taking it
10:01 am
welcome to good day d.c. and welcome to the kitchen where we have food today. happy monday! >> happy monday! >> round of applause. andrew just opened up rye street tavern in baltimore and we'll get a little taste of the menu. >> little spice. >> a little bit of crab. coconut cake, we're good. >> that sounds like a winner. >> stick around for that at the end of the 10:00 o'clock hour. >> i'll save i was piece of that cake. >> i'm watching my figure as i come over with my friends on the couch. >> sounds like a win/win/win. >> everybody winning oh and a monday. >> down from b ward. i like that. >> manic monday. >> this show is going worldwide. we're not just in the dmv. >> thank you. >> before we check what's trending allison has a check what's making headlines. >> first up the search continues for a person missing after an oil rig explosion on lake pontchartrain new new orleans, louisiana. seven other people are hurt. five of them critically. emergency officials believe some type of chemical caught f
10:02 am
last night while workers were cleaning the platform. witnesses say they felt the ground shake from the explosion. the fire could be seen several miles away. there's a chance the rig is now leaking oil. closer to home now the maryland native who severely injured during the las vegas massacre has been transferred to johns hopkins hospital in baltimore maryland. tina frost shot in the eye she had been in coma now her family says that she's making major progress relative says she's awake even took her first few steps after the shooting. meanwhile her friends in maryland organize add fundraiser to help cover her massive medical bills. former quarterback colin kaepernick taking legal action against the nfl. he claims all 32nfl team owners of colluding to keep him off the field and keep him unemployed. he's filed a grievance under the nfl's collective bargaining agreement saying the league is doing this in retaliation to his activism and being outspoken on civil rights matters
10:03 am
well, forget the friend request button or the like because facebook is adding a food request button. the social mode ya sight deviling into the food delivery service by launch agnew feature that allows use users to order food and check out what friends have to say about a restaurant before placing an order. the best part, there won't be any extra fees for this service. i was woning that myself. finally, have you heard it? the voices of angels talented group of kids from baltimore moving people to tears with a powerful message of inspiration. the cardinal sheehan school choir rendition of i was dre day hit song rise up is going viewer. take a listen
10:04 am
>> kenyata hard did you son the school choir director posted the moving performance on facebook life as the children practiced last month. that was just practice. nine minute video viewed more than thee .4 millions times has 45,000 comments and 100,000 likes and the singer i was dre day even tweet add link to the performance you can watch the entire thing on our website gang i think people just need a message of inspiration and hope every now and then. >> more people accusing weinstein to rape. lissette anthony says he raped her in own home. it comes as
10:05 am
academy of motion picture arts and scientists vote to do immediately expel weinstein. the decision was made over the weekend during an emergency meeting in los angeles. in a statement the organization issued in part saying the organization has voted well in excess of the required two-thirds majority to immediately expel him weinstein from the academy. still active among the academy ranks are a number of controversial figures including mel gibson, bill cosby and roman polanski who faced accusations of sexual assault. as for weinstein though he will no longer even be a toil vote in the award ceremonies that his films dominated for many years. and producer chris was just telling us, too, news alert came up that the company actually may be up for sale. got a cash infusion but the company also may be up for sale. this story far from over. it continues just to get bigger by the day it seems like. >> his brother apparently speaking out against him as well. >> right. >> there you not only have the family issues but the company issues as well. >> it wasn't the brother the
10:06 am
sort of -- besides rose mcgowan i her the brother was instrumentally a really helping to drive harvey out of the weinstein company. abused me as well verbally as well as physically. so i don't know. it's ugly. it's ugly but i'm glad it's coming to life if it leads to change good. >> got to remember elevator goes both ways, right? >> truer words never spoken. okay. 10:0 sick. saturday night live well they got flack for not taking on the harvey weinstein scandal last week but this past saturday, the show did not hold back. >> weinstein has been accused of multiple counts of sexual assault is reportedly going to europe for sex rehab. somehow i don't think that's going to help anybody. [ laughter ] >> he doesn't need sex rehab. he needs a specialized facility where there are no women, no contact with the outside world, metal bars and it's a prison. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> whoo! >> this is a tough spot for a comedian because it's so hard to
10:07 am
but it's so easy to make jokes about a guy that looks like t this. [ laughter ] >> i mean he looks like chewed bubble gum rolled in cat hair. [ laughter ] >> weinstein told reporters that he was seeking help and added, we all make mis... >> saturday night life taking on the harvey weinstein scandal. they performed a 67 also about sexual harassment in hollywood the sketch featured a woman's panel discussing the weinstein accusations and how this harass many of women is prevalent issue that needs to be addressed. so saturday night life finally taking on harvey weinstein and that scandal and, you know, like we said i think to me still i think it's too soon to tell jokes about this, because there's so many women who are hurting so badly, and to have it be made fun of, just -- it's too soon. >> there's nothing funny about it in any way shape or form. >> alyssa milan is encouraging twitter users to stand
10:08 am
against assault with two words. me too. hash tag quickly followed suit with hundreds of thousand of men and women from around the world tweeting hash tag me too. as of this morning it was the highest trending tag on twitter worldwide. this all comes after twitter temporarily suspended actress rose mcgowan account. she used the platform to speak out against weinstein who has been accused of as we know of sexually harassing women in hollywood for decades. the company will take more aggressive stance to protect victims. a lot of people talking about this online and here's just a few tweets we've seen this morning. here's one this morning harass system no joke. it's abuse and people are fed up. hash tag me too. >> another one here. >> another one here. tag me too it's hard to find a woman on earth who hasn't at least once been subject to harassment orally or physically. >> no one defensed me and i was punished when i filed a complaint. once i even lost my
10:09 am
me too. >> quit my job had hearing spoke out collected unemployment 37 years ago. >> wow. >> a miracle. >> all right. this one it's cool if you're guy finding it hard to get how common sexual harassment. be open minded to others different experience. hash tag me too. >> all genders all ages let this be an end, a new beginning wherever you work and play. >> wow. >> hopefully this trend will open people's eyes. a woman who hasn't -- i don't even know, sorry. >> i don't even know a woman who hasn't been sexually assaulted as an adult or as a kid. hash tag me too. >> sad that's true. that's true. i think -- you know the bad part is i think women get assaulted don't realize it's assault because it's been so white washed and swept under the rug that things happen. who will believe me? why make a fuss about it. >> exactly. you minimize it. >> hopefully there's a cultural shift happening. >> all right. 109
10:10 am
hustler magazine founder larry flint taking aim the president trump. he's offering $10 million for dirt leading to the impeach many of the commander in chief. king is asking for information on the president's tax returns, investments are or any secret dealings witness russians. flint released a statement to the fox business channel saying "i can't think of a more patriotic thing to do than to get this guy out of office" the ad was taken out in yesterday's washington post and it takes up an entire page. there are no pictures. just bold writing an promise that flint would pay up for good information. well if it was up to bryce harper he probably would spend his birthday in los angeles that's where the nats would have been playing. things just didn't work out that way. either way we want to give the nats slugger big shout out because for as much as he's accomplish on the baseball field, the young slugger and i say young turns just 25 years old today. >> 25. >> happy birthday bryce. hope you have a wonderful celebration. >> 2
10:11 am
here's to next year. >> that's all we can do. >> your hair is still fabulous. >> oh, my gosh. >> always go got that. ten past the hour. good thing he already stopped by d.c. because ed sheeran may have to take break from touring. we'll tell you why coming up. >> former seinfeld store jason alexander coming back to the small screen a new comedy about a family band that is anything but family friendly. this morning he'll join us live with a sneak peek. that's coming up. it's 10:11. 10:11.
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
how many cancellations. >> hmm. >> how many? >> 800. >> in a knight 900 seat venue. jesus, ken, that's not a wrinkle, that's a crater. >> don't pack any. why do you always go to pan anything. don't panic. i got this. honey,
10:15 am
listens to that radio station. i'll go back down there and i'm going to get dj dave to give us a ton of free publicity. >> why woe give us free publicity? >> because he's a lovely and sensitive guy. because i'm going to take jermaine. >> you're not taking our son to use the sympathy card. >> that's a show from the new show hit the ride. jason alexander tells the story about the greatest family band you've never heard of yet. mechanically dysfunctional family traverse the country in cramped tour bus sacrificing privacy, comfort and a little dignity while in the search for fame and fortune. forget the osmonds and jacksons this morning we're chatting with two members of the fictional swallow family made by jason alexander and amy pete's and good to see both of you this morning. hi, good morning f d.c. >> hi, steve. >> hi, steve what a lovely synopsis of our show. >> did you really good. >> we'll hire you. >> i'm accepting that offer. here's the thing though that i didn't mention. i mentioned the osmonds and i
10:16 am
mentioned the jacksons to me it sounds like the partridge fa family. did you draw any influence from anybody in real life? >> no. thankfully we did not. >> although i think shirley jones was an inspiration for me. >> for you? was she. >> way back in the -- >> she'll be horrified to learn that. >> no, she won't. >> i think she might be appalled. >> she's a cease chick. >> well okay. [ laughter ] >> i love the concept of you taking -- i'm sorry jason go ahead. >> i was going to say we used little bit of the prototypes particularly of the partridge family kids in thinking about our kids, but then it took its own turn. it became the swallows not the par trip. we're a different bird. we're the swallows. >> that's the glory and comedy when you can take something like existed like that and make it dysfunctional as you possibly want and make fun or enjoy. >> well, god bless the audience network. they challenged us to push this thing as far
10:17 am
imagine, and apparently we have very sick imaginations. [ laughter ] >> he has a sick imagination. >> it's not just me. >> i know. >> oh, my god. >> you run with strange company. >> i'm always to blame. >> amy you can't blame the writer and executive producer for everything, can you? >> oh, yeah, you can. i mean, it's going to be a hit. so you might as well start taking credit. >> oh, well in that case it was all me. >> it was. >> there you go. >> amy has deem eight hit. >> he wrote some of the lyrics. he wrote a script or two here or there with the help of our am amazing writing staff. um, and he's just comedic icon. come on. it's jason alexander. this is going to be a hit. >> if she was my actual wife this would have so much credit for me but i have to pay her to say thee things. >> it's true. >> you're both veterans of dozens of tv shows and yes you have the immediate 86 timing down, the writingow
10:18 am
delivery down. in this case you also did have to perform. now, jason, i know and our research department we've been trying to dig up video evidence. you performed on the drums here in d.c. about a decade ago. i see that look you're giving right now. we're trying to find it right now. so we can show. did you not perform at a capitol fourth? ♪ >> yes, but did i play the drums? >> i don't know. we're trying to find that right now. kind of looks like -- >> really? >> part of the drum line i believe. >> i'm a terrible drummer, steve. i got to tell you. >> so that was my question. >> it's not good for the cou country. >> did you have to -- did you have to learn though? how much evident went into pulling the mew sill cal part of the performances? >> um, you know, i'm a remedial drummer. three of our kids are extremely good guitar ritz. amy can no more play keyboard than she can fly to the moon but other than that --
10:19 am
>> none of us are playing the -- we're all sin sinking. everybody is singing. we're hearing our voices but none us are actually -- the studio musicians and we're faking it. >> doesn't that make it harder if you have to sing and then act as if you're doing the music itself? we actual dollar sing. she's got a gorgeous voice. >> she's kids i would not be surprised if they became famous as musicians. wee got little girl who's 12 now, but she sounds like aim mow winehouse. one who sounds like katie perry. one who sounds like michael jackson in life. these are the type of voices that jason was lucky enough to find in this world and they're funny and they're hilarious and heartbreaking and gorgeous. the kids are stars. >> well, i love -- >> plain and simple. >> i love the style of the humor here. the tour bus scene when you get the new bus that sticks out to me with the beautiful shiny bus in the background and then the swallow bus in the for ground which i think that kind of stuff
10:20 am
keeps it real. i do appreciate that kind of humor. which jason i'm sure that's something you're familiar with with all of your background in comedy as well. >> yes. i have written on many a horrible -- ridden on many a horrible bus in my comic career. >> let me ask you one final question and jason this one is for you because i like to play a thing with our guest how accurate is your wickipedia. it states you appeared in music video by the band nickel back. did you appear in nickel back music individual joe? >> i did, and i did it, i will tell you, no slam against nickel back, i was offered a chance to work again with brook burns and i grabbed it. video is worth watching just for brook burns. [ laughter ] >> i see no fault. >> brook burns, nickel back video you'll thank me. >> how cool. >> yeah. >> right. >> yes. >> jason, amy, thank you for joining us.
10:21 am
we're looking forward to it. i appreciate your time this morning. it's always good to chat with you. >> thank u it's fun, steve. >> come back and see us in d.c. any time. tepp 20:00. we'll remind you where you can catch the premier which is tomorrow at 10:00 that will be on the at and t audience net network. the show actually is very funny. maureen i watched a couple episodes online. very funny stuff especially if you like music and of course comedy. >> they were funny. with jason at the helm i'd watch any day. thanks steve. 10:21. coming up new use for fall's favorite flavor. we'll show how to work pumpkin spice, you know, pumpkin spice into your skin care routine. >> first though it's feeling like fall out there this morning. mike thomas back with look at how long the cooler temperatures will stickie round. that's coming up next. 1,021st time. back in a moment. ♪
10:22 am
10:23 am
candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. ralph northam: i'm narrator: ed gillespie rwants to end, a woman's right to choose. ed gillespie would put the government in charge of a woman's personal decisions, not women and their doctors. as governor, ed gillespie says, i would like to see abortion be banned. if ed gillespie would like to see abortion banned, i would like to see i would like to see i would like to see that ed gillespie never becomes governor.
10:24 am
>> well it's called the changings of the seasons. that's how you get cold and it's happening. it is looking a little i'm going to go straight up winter right now. this scene gives me a cold winter day. >> worry getting there. >> i know. winds of change a blowing out there. >> the flag is saying, yup. it's blowing. >> one thing you didn't see any rain. rain really starting to push out of the region. >> grateful for that. last you'll see what you saw this morning the last you'll see of it this week. after this afternoon sunny and bright conditions all week long. it look like at this time through next weekend as well.
10:25 am
>> there's but we'll warm it up. >> okay. >> oh. >> if you want good news. >> we have to deal with cooler temps for the next three days and warming it back it it's the call ups and downs. >> 62 right now. sun pogueing through in few locations off to the west of town those winds as we just showed i was blowing. north northwest at 12. in which awful but at times could it cost up and over 25 to near 30 this afternoon. satellite/radar still showing some drizzle down to the south of d.c. coming right along the i-95 corridor across virginia this morning. so southern maryland you may not be done with light rain just yet but the back edge of the clouds out along i81 corridor towards hagerstown and we'll see more and more sunshine kind of the afternoon pushes on through. most of the morning showers are just about done. then it's all cooler air starting to push in the region. again, you saw the breezes kind of kicking up here and here are some of the breezes. 15 at hagerstown. 60 in manassas. 12 at washington. 13 annapolis and
10:26 am
gust over times today upwards to 20, 25. early am showers just about out of here. clearing it out in the afternoon keeps keeping the breezes ar around. sunshine moving n maureen, got that winter coat ready. here we go. >> i haven't quite yet. heavy sweater. >> you'll need it tomorrow. >> 46 here in dc that's just if you're near the river. suburbs 30s. gaithersburg they have tomorrow morning. 39 for dulles. hagerstown 34 degrees. martinsburg 36. it will be a chilly not just tomorrow but wednesday morning and thursday morning as well. we'll have chilly mornings around here the afternoons will turn pleasant tomorrow mostly sunny 65 in the afternoon. 70s back by wednesday afternoon and keep that going right and through the weekend. plenty of sunshine. sunday we could see a couple locations around the region touching 80-degree mark once again. >> getting another weekend of apple picking or pumping pic picking. >> it's got to be pumpkins. get the carving done. halloween is coming up. >> ick like in two week. >> mike thomas, thank you. >> let's send it over to hold
10:27 am
>> all right. thank you too. listen another sign that meghan markelle may be a step closer to become royalty. we'll have details coming up in the celebrity dish. >> kevin learns the secret to bruce banner's hulk formation from mark ruffalo. they had chance to chat. 10:27. all that and more coming up up when good day at 10a continues.
10:28 am
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>> we got bad news for ed sheeran and his fans. posted a picture on instagram, with the caption, i've had a bit of bicycle accident. he broke his arm. he's currently waiting on medical advice which may effect my upcoming shows. police stay tuned for further nose. the 26-year-old was on a break from his world tour but was due to resume with gig in taipei next week. ed sheeran has -- he's got 14 dates scheduled for this year including concerts in japan, south korea and thailand. before the tour is in support of his multi million dollar selling third album divide released earlier this year. he's known for playing solo at his shows. steve you saw this righting. >> i was there, too. >> you were there. >> yeah. >> he plays solo. >> thanks for listening when steve and i talk about it so much
10:31 am
>> gosh. whoo! so he was there and he plays his shows solo, right. >> yes. >> now he's talking about speculation he may be a toil get band to finish i. >> no. >> not doing that. not doing that. that's not a good look for me. >> that's ed sheeran you don't go in concert to see band when you go see ed sheeran. >> is it just me or the non cast arm the one in the shrink? >> it is. i was looking at the same thing. >> maybe he had you had his shoulder in the sling but broke his arm. >> i heard he got hit by a car. >> that's the real deal. >> wow. >> steve, i'm glad we saw him when we did. fortunately for him he's in between tour dates right now. >> we wish him well. >> hope he can get it together. >> and speedy recovery. is it yet another sign that prince harry might be soon popping the question to meghan markelle. the pair have been getting more and more serious especially in with public showings in recent months and news dropped over the weekend the actress is now re
10:32 am
career and focus on the royal family. according to source that spoke out to the daily star on sunday, the 36-year-old actress who had been on the show suits since 2011 has apparently already told the show's execs she's not come backing next year and source says the reason why meghan ask walk away from show business is very simple. meghan shows she can't really act at the same time as being a princess and is happy to make this career sacrifice. >> is it really a sacrifice? she really enjoys her charity work with unicef and broad cut out her charity commitments when she becomes a full time royal. they will publicly announce their plans to officially wed sometime around the christmas holiday. >> it's happening. >> i think it's happening. do you think it's happening. >> of course. >> it's happening, right? you don't just give us a successful show unless you have greater success down the way. >> i'm telling you. >> which is boeing princess. >> princess grace did it when she gave
10:33 am
marry rain near. >> it didn't work out well for her but yes. >> oh, holdly. >> that's sad story. >> too soon. four years later. -- four years later. >> how many decades late. >> okay. let's talk about this. rapper eminem, he was the talk of the town after he slammed president trump during an epic free style at the bet hiphop awards. well, now, trump loving duo and friends to maureen umeh diamond and silk -- >> why my friends. >> they were not friends of eminem and his rhymes and they decided on wednesday to drop a humorous clap back of their own. the video opens up with a brief clip of eminem's here it is right here. >> oh, no. that's them. >> he's president, he's your president. he's your president. he's your president. so get over it. stop crying like a baby and a little b
10:34 am
hillary lost. >> all right tee then. i don't think any more words need to be said. i think you draw your own conclusion from that video right there. >> all right then. >> more words will be said. >> tonight on 6:30. diamond and silk will be live. how about that? >> so tune in. don't miss that. it will be enter taken to say the least. in some way, shape or form. okay. we'll round out the dish with this. liam pain was chatting with trlmtv australia this weekend when he tease add little something all one direction fans have been waiting nearly two years to hear. >> what's that? >> a reunion may be in the wo works. >> shut the front door. >> very soon. allison seymour just heart had a tart attack downstairs in the newsroom. >> when asked about the other boys at 1d and whether or when they perform again here's what liam ha to say. i feel like it's going to happen soon. i got feeling, i'm excited for it. i want to happen. there's a whole album we didn't tour. i know we need to go and write some more music. it was so m
10:35 am
loves it. so much so we have to go again for sure. >> i feel like -- >> ain't going to happen. >> every member of in sync except justin timberlake has been saying. >> every member of the jacksons back when they were together. >> right. >> and the time -- >> like the joe would if a tone. >> let me get back to you i'm done with mile world tour. >> exactly. >> poor guy. >> time will tell and that's the dish for today. >> delicious. >> fantastic. >> all right. >> voice activation required. >> thor on november 3rd -- >> access denied. >> go to thunder. >> denied. >> prince. >> deny. >> strongest avenger. >> let me cry. banner. welcome strongest avenger
10:36 am
>> this is guilty pleasure go enjoy a clip from the new movie thor ragnarok. it reunited chris hemsworth and mark ruffalo forced to face off grad greater style and safe thor's home war along the way. kevin got to sit down witness stars and talk about the epic face off. here it is. they're saying a -- you're saying hulk like fire. thor like water. >> both kind of like fire. >> hulk like raging fire. thor like smolders fire. >> when you're talking as hulk, do you actually lower your your post but do you do a lower vo voice. >> yeah. so the hulk voice is, you know, thor like -- thor like -- hulk like fire. >> that's cool. >> thor is like fire but hulk like raging fire
10:37 am
thor like smoldering fire. [ laughter ] >> pretty cool seeing you do. you get into the fiss at a cal will the when your doing it. >> yeah, yeah. >> ♪ >> i give you your incredible -- >> ! we know each on the. he's a friend from work. >> obviously one of the coolest things we saw in the trailer that fight scene with you and hulk. >> he's a friend from work. >> yeah. i was just curious when you were doing that scene, obviously we never seen in you human form. are you there. how much of that scene do you do with chris. >> so that one i did with, um, with a stunt man and, um, then i saw his performance so then i do the opposite of me coming out but mostly that was just fighting, and so i did -- i did
10:38 am
with the stunt man or little version of thor. >> really? >> yeah. >> what did the little version of thor look like. >> like a little kidman quinn. >> what? >> so like i punch it or i run towards it and i smash it, you know, it's like -- it's dressed up like him. he's got the helmet on. >> has chris seen this. >> and the cape. i don't know. it was me and tike and the stunt guy. but all the scenes that i'm acting with him where we are like having ream reel -- all the stuff in the apartment though -- hulk's amount is me and chris acting together. >> that's awesome. >> it's awesome. this is the first time i really got to do that with people. >> yeah. >> um, where they're able to capture all the information. >> your doing it right there. are you on -- are you elevated up higher? >> yeah. now they put me on platform and i started to work with stilts now to see if i can do -- do some of the acting on stilts, because i'm literally i mean --
10:39 am
than i am now. >> wow. that's crazy. >> i know what it's like to be chris hemsworth all the time. looking down on the rest of the world. >> just reminder thor ragnarok hits theaters on november 3rd. a couple of weeks away if you want to see the latest in the thor series. >> all right. of course we are smack dab in the miffled pumpkin spice season, right? but this morning we managed to find yet a new way to enjoy the fall favorite and it has nothing to do with co coffee, with snacks, nothing locate that. coming up next how you can work the seasonal flavor into your beauty routine. 10:39 is the time. we're back after this. ♪ ♪♪
10:40 am
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it's always disappointing, when something gets watered down. at air wick, we believe scent should be experienced
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pure. discover air wick pure freshmatic, with no added water. and now, try pure free >> it's that time of year again pumpkin spice season everything from your coffee to your serial even your pizza. if you're feeling adventurous pumpkin spice but what about pumpkin spicing your skin care? yup. joining us this morning with fall inspired skin care dr. arlene lamba the founder of medical director of blush med skin care. good morning to you. >> if morning. >> all right. so i am curious here. are we talking about an actual pumpkin and smooshing it all over our face. >> we're talking about when you go on a hayride unget apples and pumpkins how to utilize it in skin care. newest trend in skin care because it's effective is skin care. we'll talk about that today. >> let's start. we have apples right here. what
10:43 am
>> apples are, you know, great season to collect apples. if you mash up these apples, apple day keeps the botox away or at least makes the botox last longer. you mix your juice that comes out of this apple with little 2 tablespoons of whole milk and put little coconut oil in it and that creates a really nice calming cleanser but the apple itself has malik acid which helps the glow of the skin. >> wow. >> think of it as glory and something that makes the skin more taught. >> like dab a-ton ball in there and do it on your face. >> yup. >> do it with your hands. >> do it with your hands or cotton ball. remember the more coconut oil you'll add the more viscous you'll get. it has a vitamin c so vitamin c and skin care stands for collagen it does a lot of anti aging. >> i like that. then we have our actual pumpkin with the brown sugar? >> yes. >> what are we doing here. >> exfoliation is a big part of fall and it's a big part of winter skin care. so what you would do you would take your brown sugar try to get
10:44 am
can that's your carrier, and you then take pumpkin spice, pumpkin pure ray, and you mick it up the reason pumpkin itself as you can see with the color carries alpha hydroxy acid exfoliator of the skin it helps get rid of the dead cells. you leave it on for ten minutes. >> you don't lick it off or eat it off. >> exactly. then you can add coconut oil and people who add cocoa oil to it people who have drier skin, exfoliate and do it two, to three times week. >> can you lose this on other parts of your body. >> it's like a coffee scrub. it helps with blood flow think of that way. >> okay. and i see we have apple cidar vinegar. >> most famous and most used item in skin care right now. two times of mask people do during fall. masks are assume per important during fall because we hydrate but we have lot of blackout
10:45 am
you mix apple cidar vinegar with water or aloe water which is obviously more calming to the skin that creates nice mask when you just dab it on the skin. i will tell you use this one thing called dual masking where you use it on areas of the skin you tend to have break outs. so, um a lot of chin, sometimes people with hair lines as well. and then you can use something called the aloe banana mask for areas you have more dryness or areas you want more glow. the aloe as you can imagine is more calming to the skin you add little bit of almond oil which mose cher rises the skin and banana as well. banana function similar to the pumpkin the pumpkin being little stronger in alfie hydroxy than the banana. >> put that all over your face again. >> yup. >> when you wash it off regular water. >> use a lot of this stuff with cooler water rather than using warm water or hot water. >> why is that isn't p it helps close the pores. some of these are active
10:46 am
ingredients putting hot water think of it as peel. if you have a chemical peel you're not going tonight. allies it with hot water. cool the skin as much as you can. >> can you over do any of these it seems like hoe list tick can you over do it. >> you can one big problem you can do with organic and clean skin care it expires and you may not realize that it does. it doesn't have perservatives in it. you have refrigerate and use it win week or two weeks. >> what's the shelf live. >> don't try to use something that's been sitting there for a month. just like you -- >> i'm guilty of that. >> could you put it in ajar you think it's in the refrigerator it's fine you're saying two, three weeks maximum. >> the smells funny pleases to it out. >> i like that rule. people want more information where can they get that from you. >> you can go to blush and of course you can follow us on instagram and see all our good advice about skin care. >> you've got these recipes online as well. >> yes, we do. >> sharing them with everybody. >> you can use your pumpkin apples, bananas
10:47 am
not just to eat to make your face look amazing. >> dr. lamba, thank you much always a pleasure. >> hope you learned something, right. >> you can eat it. >> how about them apples. >> i think they're not only delicious but he can foal 88ing. >> 10:47 is the time. coming up, adding a little more charm to charm city. erin is in the kitchen with the team from rye street tavern. that's coming up next. we'll be right back. ♪ ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican.
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♪ all right. our next guest bring little more charm to charm city with new restaurant loc located in baltimore's newly developed port could having ton neighbor. erin como is in the kitchen with all the details. >> rye street tavern this morning james beard winning chef andrew joins us in the loft to show off some of the restaurants hottest dishes and delicious spirits. good morning and thank you so much for coming in today. >> thanks for having me. >> so tell me what you brought in we have a good spread here. >> american rye street all bound american cooking and the things i love and it's fall time. so we
10:51 am
north of baltimore. >> locally sourced. >> roasted hollow pig farm. pork is with these pink pearl apples. really really cool variety kind of like tart sweet app tells and i love dessert on loy american desserts i have a scott spot for coconut cakes. when we opened the restaurant we made 15 version of coconut cake. >> and pick the best one. >> pick the best one. also, you know, maryland known for they love their crab there. >> yeah. >> we sell so much crab in maryland. every day we do a different crab dish. >> it changes you'll get something different of time you visit. >> some you know. cab salad and crabcake. interesting things like crab at a mal lease and bringing different american flavor into it and so we make a bloody mary crab salad. >> this is everything i love about life. >> crab salad. maryland blue crab. we have
10:52 am
mix a little bit in. >> cool. is that enough for more. >> put little bit more in. >> i won't be stingy. a little bit more. you guys are located in port covington really awesome neighborhood right next to disstillery. tell us about the location. >> port covington a new area, new kind of development and it's right next to saga more spirit awry whiskey distillery. >> i love that. >> maryland known for rye whiskey we're right next door. it's kind of really cool. come don tours. >> do tasting and have lunch or dinner. >> you grab the blood mary. you got to have fresh horseradish inside a bloody marry it has to be spicy and crab always good with a little bit of spice. >> i love a good bloody mary and i like them garnish with crab. i never had crab salad much different twist on them. >> something you know but a little bit different. >> it's so beautiful too. >> it's light, too. sometimes you have the crab dishes they're like full of cream or it has like, you know, holland days sauce or fried. >> it's really great we little bit of oldli
10:53 am
salad guys kind of like seasonably change that. this is the inside of the celery leaf that is kind of cool. something -- it's also got great taste sometimes you throw it away. those little leaves inside we like to put it you know on top because it adds -- >> make a pretty garnish. >> gives a refreshing taste, you know, something like a little bit lighter. >> that looks so good. >> and today you're starting lunch. i've you've and segment dinner. today come and get this for lunch. >> about month a month and brunch starts this weekend. >> i love a good sunday brunch and bloody mary. i'm going try a bite of this. this find the fork. >> right here. >> i was looking for it. got to try this it looks really refreshing and delicious. >> a little bit spicy and tangy still taste the crab. >> hmm. okay. i'm not going to share this with everyone in the loft. i'll save the cake for wisdom. i'll cut a peace but i'm going to eat all of this because it's so good. war some of your other favorite thing on the menu all local food and all amerin.
10:54 am
cooking and i've always struggled most people you think about american food coconut cake and hamburgers what is american cooking? >> which is really good question because it's kind of a wide variety. >> and it is though classics. burger it's ribs but also ugh good ingredients how to highlight in a special way and local but also in my favorite part of the menu a -- i'm always obsessed when my grandmother was cooking when your grandmother was cooking that immigrant story in american cooking, and we kind of incorporate that altogether into one thing. >> thank you so much for coming in. >> yeah. i appreciate it. i'm going to eat the rest of this grab salad rye street tavern head for lunch today and brunch starts next week in baltimore port covington. james beard award winning chef. check it out, guys. i'll toss it back to you. >> you have to check it out. that looks so good. >> great resume. too. >> like the. >> are we doing tweets or weather? >> let's do weather. some tweets first. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> chris said tweets. >> i said
10:55 am
>> good day d.c. i always purchased my tick for thor ragnarok. >> hit us know what you think. we'll fine kevin's review on friday good diamond and silk extra whack and i'm sure eminem will overlook those two. feel free to watch at 6:30 when they join us here. >> good day d.c.... >> heads up when using a shoulder bag carry it with the flap turned into towards your body. it can pour out its contents. >> good tip. >> good advice. >> thank you for sharing. all right. mike thomas what you got? >> i got changing conditions. kind of what we're dealing with in both good and bad. getting rid of the rain, we're getting into some sunshine little bit. especially out in the western suburbs. we'll get nor sunshine here in d.c. later on and good news we're clearing the rain out of here and bad
10:56 am
bringing in cooler temperatures. tonight or rather tomorrow morning when you wake up, heavy boots. get the uggs out. >> heavy boots. >> well -- >> insulated boots. >> inn suit lad boots for warmth. >> 46 here. suburbs what temperatures. >> 35. >> that would be you. >> that would be you out in the sticks. >> got your heavy boots. >> i'm ready for it. next three days. >> four by four and heavy boots. >> heat my car ahead of time. >> you might want tom if you have the seat, put them on. >> exactly. earearl in the show we had chane to talk to jason alexander of seinfeld familiar and testified him and wick need ya notch to see if gnaw nickel back video and produce sir chris found the evidence. yes, that is george costanza as barrista in a nickel back music video. ♪ >> i love it. >> i'm so sending him this clip to let him know we found it. >> this is really good. >> especial until hair. >> i love nickel b
10:57 am
>> looking at the pretty girl making coffee. >> he's distracted. i love it. >> that's the way i order my food. >> have a good time today. see you tomorrow.
10:58 am
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